Trip supplies

Volunteers cleaning up after floodThe following supplies are SUGGESTIONS for a trip to the Disaster Area.

Team leaders/drivers should have cell phones and exchange numbers with the other leaders and all Volunteers who have cell phones.

If you are Volunteering for the day or for a longer period, you will need:

  • work gloves FOR SURE
  • safety glasses
  • season and temperature appropriate clothing
  • long pants and shirt (during mosquito season)
  • boots or heavy soled shoes for working
  • basic tools (if you have them)
  • sunglasses
  • contact lens cleaner (if you wear contacts)
  • hand sanitizer
  • cooler
  • bottled water
  • lunches and snacks
  • flashlight
  • trash bags
  • first aid items & medications
  • camera & journal


If you are staying more than one day and housing with us:

  • air mattress
  • sleeping bag or bed linens
  • pillow
  • bath towels
  • toiletries
  • Food (may be purchased at local groceries – there are also a few local restaurants – please check with the Disaster Coordinator)


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