May 11, 2012

Reflection / Melissa Lecher

Thanks, Mom—and Dad—for your unwavering love and dedication

Melissa LecherThis past week, I received a letter from my mom in the mail just like I had for the past four years, but this letter was a little different.

In this simple note, she said this would be the last time she would write the address 3200 Cold Spring Road in Indianapolis on a letter to her child. The more I thought about it, I realized she has been writing to this address all of my life.

Twenty-two years ago, my oldest sister graduated from high school and began attending Marian College, now Marian University. Since then, my mom has been dropping notes in the mail to her 11 children who were away at college, 10 of whom attended Marian, just to say she was thinking about us.

The letters were never lengthy or in-depth, only to say what she had done throughout the week, where she had been, and who she had seen.

Occasionally, there was a newspaper snippet about someone that we knew. I could always count on greeting cards when my birthday, holidays or special feast days came around. The most important thing that I knew I could always count on was love, support, compassion, and prayers from both my mother and my father.

Mom and Dad, words cannot describe my appreciation for the little reminders you both sent me while at college. I attribute my college achievements to your never-ending storming of heaven with prayers for health, success and safety.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful and caring parents as you. Knowing I had you for an incredible support system back at home was such an unbelievable feeling.

It amazes me to think you have been sending these letters for 22 years. What love and dedication you have for your children!

You might have thought the letters were boring or dumb, but they brought so much joy and inspiration at times when it was needed the most.

You truly are an example of devotion and love.

For this, I can never thank you enough!

Love always,


(Melissa Lecher is a member of St. John the Evangelist Parish in Enochsburg.)

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